Jim Yocum's Home Page

My Photo Welcome to my home page. I hope you will find some useful information here. (As with most pages, more and better links will be added as time allows.) Among other things, I enjoy:

my beagles. My beagle "daughters." They are great hounds. They are both pure-bred beagles, but otherwise opposites in almost every way. (One continuouly sheds bails of fur, the other hardly sheds at all; one lives to eat, the other eats to live; one is almost always quiet, the other believes "a breath without a noise is a wasted breath;" one has a heavy, woolly coat, the other a slick, seal-like coat; ...)

Flying, both "fixed wing" (i.e. "normal airplanes") and helicopters,

Woodworking -- I build a $13K filing cabinent inorder to "save the money of buying one." ;),


Playing the cello -- which sends the beagles howling ;-) -- oh well.

I visited Alaska and really enjoyed it.

Professionally I am an independent computer contractor / consultant (with something like 20 years of professional experience ranging from artificial intelligence to operating systems development to teaching to helping people set up home pages.) Most recently I have been doing development in Java and starting to work with VRML. I have been working with C++ for a few years, and C for bunches of years.

I live in Boston and enjoy it. I taught computer science at Boston University for a few years. That was fun. A lot of work and not much pay, but fun none the less.

Like most of us, I have created some home pages for some small companies and friends. Some of them are best viewed using Netscape like:

Vinny Greco's PowerHouse Gym home page. -- I should spend less time on the Web and more time at Vinny's ;) . It is a first rate gym.

More "browser neutral" home pages include a couple of Bed and Breakfasts in South Central Alaska including --

The Ballaine House -- The nicest Bed and Breakfast I have ever had the pleasure of staying. Extremely pleasant and helpful owner. Located in an immaculately restored and maintained house which is the oldest house in beatiful Seward Alaska, and

Sourdough Paul's -- Clearly the most authentic sourdough experience you would ever ask for, and the only B&B with a view of Mt. Denali -- it is Spectacular! This is not your standard "plastic vantastic / Holiday-Inn-like" experience. This place has some real character!

I would be glad to provide you with any information I can on any of the above. If you have comments, suggestions,etc., I would appreciate hearing from you. I can be reached via e-mail at jim@superpage.com