1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard, cherry-sunburst, PAF humbuckers, the classy Page lookalike with tone galore. Plug this into a Marshall and step into the realm of quintessential rock guitar. All the full-bodied luscious tone dripping off of this mahagony wooded maple-topped beaut. Fast frets with standard Gibson neck appointments add to the playmanship of this guitar icon. Lead pick-up offers brilliant long notes in all ranges and can keep up with any Tele for country tone. Rhythm pick-up is the king of fat, unparalleled warmth and fullness. The combination of both pick-ups is a tone mongers dream, putting out a mid-range nasal bark only a Les Paul can pull-off.

Specs: 1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2 PAF's, 22 jumbo frets, stop tail-piece, tune-o-matic bridge.
Tone: Rivalling one or two other guitars for the top dog in tone, this standard issue yeilds the sound of history in the making.
Look: cherry-sunburst with finish on body back, headstock back and sides and neck back in beautiful mahogany and maple-top woods. Mother-of-pearl inlay and classic ivory tuning knobs are fine appointments.
Feel: fast frets and well-balanced solid-body with superior playmanship make the Les Paul a must electric.
Needs/wants: To play in a gravity-free environment.
Quirks: G-string is a bitch to tune on all Pauls...why!?
History: Les Paul, Beck, Clapton, Page, Walsh, Frampton, Slash..! etc
Desirability: Along with the Deluxe and Custom models of it's day, this one is highly sought after for it's aforementioned traits. One negative is the fact that the Norlin years Gibsons are not as valuable due to quality standards that fell as this era of ownership suffered in value some. Still a quality item with an awesome heritage. Check out the list price of a new one.