, is the newest location for a chain of "high-end" gift shops in the Boston area. Founded over 40 years ago, these shops have won numerous awards, including the prestigious Massachusetts Retailer of the Year Award: For Display. Strolling through the Sea Gull, in Marblehead, and Valentine's, in Lexington and Newburyport, is truly an enjoyable experience. In deciding to create their new store, the owners and management wanted to convey the same sense of thoughtful design and good taste that are the hallmarks of their existing shops. So, deciding to work with was a very easy choice. SuperPage not only designed the pages, but we photographed the vast majority of the items, shot in the context of the stores themselves. From the technical side, we created as a full-service, database driven, scalable e-commerce site that employs our powerful content management system to accept credit cards, keep track of orders and inventory, issue email recipts, create email lists for customers based on their preferences, and so much more. We're very proud of this site, and by-the-way, we're customers too. We hope you'll visit It's the perfect place to buy that special someone a lovely, tasteful, and memorable gift, and it's just a click away...

Boston Latin School, one of the Americas most prestigious public high schools, chooses to develop a dynamic web presence for teachers, students, and parents. Boston Latin School (BLS), is not only the oldest public school on the North American Continent, it's the oldest school. Period. With graduates including Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Leonard Bernstein, and many of our nations leading scientists, artists, statesmen, and business leaders, BLS consistently ranks among the nations top high schools (surpassing most elite private schools). Last year, for example, 28 members of the BLS graduating class were accepted at Harvard College. In addition to a complete re-design of the existing site, designed this new site to facilitate educational synergy and project-based learning. Tasks included developing a web-based system that enable students and teachers to securely log in and interact with each other via personalized assignments and progress reports. We've also developed a rich calendar system, collaborative discussion forums, and a versatile administrative interface for content creation. This project, which launched for the 2003-2004 school year, is 100% database driven and is maintained by BLS via our content management system, SPManager (tm).

Boston Software Systems, makers of Boston WorkStation and Boston WebStation, chooses for its dynamic presence. Boston Software Systems, Inc. (BSS), one of the premier software companies in the healthcare industry, specializes in software that integrates every function within a hospital environment, from operations to the operating room. Using its SPManager system, developed a download manager for BSS. The download manager keeps track of software downloads, helps generate keys, trial times, and subsequent purchases. In addition, re-designed the entire BSS public site and incorporated SPManager (tm) system so that BSS can largely maintain its own web presence. puts the Town of Rockport Online. This project is NOT another Chamber of Commerce special. Oh, no. is providing a service to every citizen in this innovative Massachusetts town. Every aspect of town government, from Selectmen's meeting notes, to the ability to pay your parking ticket, will be online. And after extensive development, this pioneering project, which is designed as a prototype for small towns around the country requiring a town-wide presence at LOW COST, went live in March 2003. Congratulations to the forward thinking citizens of Rockport! teams with Massachusetts General Hospital to develop coordinated Emergency Room database. In light of recent events and subsequent concerns over terrorist induced threats to public health, has partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the worlds top hospital/research institutions, to develop a coordinated web-based database for hospital emergency rooms around the Commonwealth.

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