Yes. Forms are where the real action is on a site. Our forms are customizable with typical fields such as name, address, email, and phone. But we take this much further with your choice among “radio buttons” (multiple choice), check boxes, text areas (paragraph), number fields, date and time stamps, ratings, Likert scales, file uploads, branching and logic, and direct links to DocuSign®, AdobeSign®, or our own signing app, and merchant gateways links PayPal®, Stripe®, Freshbooks®, and more.

Beyond the “Submit” Button. Suppose one of your forms requires a signature, e.g., a consent form, or an agreement to terms of service, we’ll provide a link to a variety of signing apps. It’s a simple one-click way of getting business done without the paperwork (you’ll need a DocuSign or an AdobeSign account, but our app is free). If you have payments on your form, you’ll be taken to the payment page automatically. Cool? Yes!

If you’re selling products we’ll help you set up shopping carts with coupon codes, payment gateways, and “buy now” buttons.

In terms of feedback, you get an email with all form data, and the visitor gets a thank you email with customizable form data that can be personalized with a note from you including the visitor’s name, address, etc. For sales, donations, or subscriptions, the purchaser gets an email receipt and you get all form data which can be downloaded as a CSV file or similar format. With SuperPage can set up as many forms as you like on your site at no extra charge.