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All of SPI’s clients get these powerful features:

Activity | Access Log | Pageviews | Traffic at a Glance | Currently Online | Top Web Pages | Top Referring Domains | Top Known Visitors | Top Search Terms | Top Countries | Users Currently Online | Top Referring URLs | Audience Overview | Top User Agents | Top Screen Resolutions | Top Users | Top Referring Search Engines | Top Categories | Top Authors | Top Outbound Links | Top Exit Pages |

In addition, everyone gets:

Email Reports

Email reports can be sent to one or more recipients. You can customize the list of reports you would like to receive, frequency and if you prefer them inline or as CSV attachments. Filters can also be configured to adjust the output based on your specific needs. Moreover, if you run a website where authors should be notified via email of their performance, this add-on will easily do that for you by sending your authors emails containing a list of metrics filtered by their username.

Premium clients get:

Email Reports, Plus:

Custom Database

You can specify a separate database to store all the information about your visitors.  This way you can keep your core WordPress DB clean, and improve performance by dedicating an external data source to just Analytics.

Export to Excel

You can save your reports as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, an open standard that can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet for further manipulation.


A heatmap is a visualization of where your visitors are clicking. The brighter the area, the more popular it is. The darker the area, the less popular it is. As a specific area of your site gets more clicks, its color on the heat map will change. Data is loaded in real-time, to represent the most accurate information at any given time.

Maxmind Integration

This feature connects to MaxMind’s Geolocation API to retrieve detailed information about your visitors, like their city, zip code, service provider and organization. It also includes data about a visitor’s oldest pageview, total number of visits, pageviews during the current month, list of browsers used to access the site and more. This web service provides a wide range of location and other data associated with IP addresses, and returns accuracy and confidence factors that can enhance your use of the data.

Network Analysis

This lets you access a network-wide view of your reports. You will be able to see how each site in your WordPress MU (multi-user) environment is doing and filter the numbers in the same usual way.

User Overview

This feature displays metrics for all registered users on the site, by showing:

  • Last time an user logged in
  • Total number of times they have accessed the site
  • Total pageviews

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