Features Comparison

We took a hard look at what the other guys are really offering you

Chances are you’ve seen all those ads on YouTube and elsewhere, you know, those cool one click web sites, and all of the marketing, marketing, and more marketing you’re supposed to get. So we did some research, feature for feature, and here are the results. Just take a look at what the other guys are claiming to offer you and compare them with what we really offer you. We think it’s a no-contest.

Site Design/Development SuperPage Others
Domain Name Registration Yes Yes
Web Hosting Yes Yes
Professional Email Included Extra $
Customizable Themes Yes Limited
Calls to Action Yes – Unlimited Buttons, Pages, Links Buttons only
Forms Yes – Unlimited Contact Only
Custom Web Site Design and Development A Big Yes! No
Business Lending Yes No
Revolving Lines of Credit Yes No
Insurance Yes No
Payroll & Benefits Yes No
Site Administration – After Your Site Goes Live SuperPage Others
Daily Backups Yes Yes
Full Backups Prior to Significant Updates of Content, Platform, Theme, Plugins Yes No
Free Full Restores Upon Client Request Yes No
Daily Monitoring and Updates, Including:
– Site-based SEO Yes No
– Theme(s) Yes No
– Plugins Yes No
Daily Performance Monitoring and Updates, Including:
Speed Tests Yes No
Caching Yes No
Image Optimization Yes No
– “Lazy Load Yes No
Asset Management Yes No
Database Cleanups Yes No
Analytics/Marketing SuperPage Others
SEO Yes Extra $
Google Analytics Yes Yes
Weekly Reports Yes No
Landing Pages Yes No
Email Marketing Included Extra $
Social Media Sync Yes Yes
Google My Business Yes Yes
Accept Credit Cards Yes Extra $
Woo Commerce® Yes No
Sync with Amazon, EBay Yes Yes
PayPal Yes No
Merchant Processing Yes No
Fulfillment Yes No
Digital Downloads Yes Yes
Branding Yes No
Video Yes No
Security SuperPage Others
.htaccess Protection Yes No
Wordfence® Yes No
HTTPS Included Extra $
Review and Update All Files Yes No
Administrator login protection Yes Partial
Only the most reliable plugins Yes No
Lockout notifications Yes No
Special attention to uploads Yes No
Only the most reliable themes Yes No
Wordfence® Premium/Defender Pro Yes No
Masked Login Yes No
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Yes No
.htaccess For Your Business Yes – Optional No

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