The Bad Guys Are Looking For You. Believe It.

Hackers are everywhere. They lurk in the deepest darkest dungeons of the internet, and they’re looking for you. You may think your site isn’t one of their targets, but think again. Hackers have an arsenal of sophisticated tools and techniques, they know all about vulnerabilities, and they’re always looking for new ways to get into web sites and wreak havoc. But SuperPage is prepared to stop them. We have tools and techniques of our own. If your site has been designed and built by us, you’re safe. Guaranteed. We’re looking out for our customers 24/7, and if a potential vulnerability is spotted, our system alerts us, and the vulnerability is fixed immediately. Hacking is on the rise, and that includes everyone from that little creep in his/her parent’s basement to the sophisticated troll factories in Russia. Bottom line: It’s essential that you protect the investment you’ve made in your site, not to mention your reputation. Otherwise, it’s likely that the bad guys will find you. Believe it.

Suppose you decide not to protect your site, or neglect security altogether? Two things will invariably happen: 1) Without a doubt, sooner or later your site will get hacked, and then, the bad guys will do whatever they want with it. On top of that, 2) Google will add the infamous “This site may be hacked” statement to the search results, which stops potential customers from visiting your site, and plummets your ranking to the bottom of the list, so that nobody will find you anyway. Once you’re hacked, they’ll never let you go, unless you’re willing to spend thousands to put things right again. So, be smart, build or update your site with SuperPage, and we’ll defend you from the bad guys. Check out our “Security Essentials,” included with every SuperPage site, and our highly recommended “Premium Security,” Wordfence® Premium Security, Defender Pro, URL login mask, two factor authentication (2FA), and a static IP.

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