A domain name is a unique identifier that you register with a certified domain name “registrar,” such as godaddy, network solutions, newtek, etc., after which only you are entitled to use it for your website.

A domain name is structured like this:

the protocol (https:)// the designation (www). the domain name. (the top level domain – TLD – com, net, org, or several others)

To apply a domain name of your choice to your website, we can do two things for you, the “registrant,” i.e., the person or entity that owns the domain name. 1) Either we can register your domain for you on our SuperPage account, or 2) we can help you register your domain name on your own account, which you’ll set up separately with the registrar of your choice. Although it’s easier for us — and you — to have us do it all for you, we think it’s better for you to have your own account with the registrar. Either way we’ll assist you, and when the time comes to connect your domain name with your site, we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly.