No, site administration isn’t the same thing as site maintenance, it’s considerably more.

Typically, the kind of site “maintenance” other hosting firms offer only includes ongoing hosting and support, which is good, but that’s about it. However, SuperPage takes site maintenance much further. That’s why we refer to it as site administration. With our All-in-One Hosting+, you get:

  • Managed Linux Hosting
  • 27/7 365 Technical Support PLUS
  • Content updates to your site
  • Email with your domain name
  • Unlimited Forms
  • SEO Read about our SEO approach here.
  • Full-featured Analytics
  • WordPress Updates
  • PHP Updates
  • Daily Site Monitoring and Updates:
    • Theme(s)
    • Plugins
    • Performance:
    • Speed Tests
    • Caching
    • Image Optimization
    • Asset Management
    • Database Cleanups
  • Comprehensive Security, including:
    • .htaccess Protection (What is .htaccess protection? We explain it here.)
    • A secure certificate (https)
    • Complete review of all pages and images to assure that they are all secure
    • Endpoint Firewall
    • Malware Scans
    • Malicious IP Protection
    • Country Blocking
    • Live Traffic Monitoring
    • Blocks of Malicious Networks and Robots
  • Much more. Check out our Features Comparison.

And this bares repeating: Since we will have designed and built, or re-built your site, we’ll have an intimate understanding of the tools it is using, how it should appear on the web, and how it should work behind the scenes. We treat every site we design as if it were ours, and that goes for sites we didn’t initially design too. SuperPage is your advocate, your design team, your hosting partner, and your IT staff all-in-one.

To our knowledge, nobody else offers such a comprehensive all-in-one plan. If you can find one, let us know, and we’ll beat their price. 🙂