First National Bank of Ipswich

This site was developed in the mid-1990’s, long before the big banks brought in their boring, matter-of-fact, and questionable approaches to online banking. We wrote it in SPManager, our own ColdFusion-based Content Management System. The hallmark of this site was an innovative and comprehensive loan application, created by Sue Sours. Developed prior to the advent of those online credit score apps, on which banks rely so heavily, Sue’s code tapped into the institution’s database and gave it credence for FNBI’s customers integrity and loyalty. Wow, is that era over, or what?! At any rate, we had fun with this project. We worked directly with the Bank’s delightful senior staff, and we created a character, a mascot, “Shucky the Clam,” for the President. Shucky would randomly pop up in various pages on the site. If you spotted him, you’d get a prize (no, not a toaster).

Shucky the ClamShucky the Clam