Glen Urquhart School

Glen Urquhart School (GUS) was founded in 1977, as a new concept in K-6 education at a time when other schools, even the elite private schools in the area, “still bolted the desks to the floor.” Located on 40 acres on former orchid farm, in Beverly Farms, MA, the GUS curriculum has long been innovative in experiential learning, thematic study, small group instruction, and integration of the arts in the academic disciplines, all designed to expand the child’s knowledge base and lead to a greater depth of understanding. When SPI was asked to develop the first GUS site in 1995, the web was just beginning to gain traction, and things were raw but creative, no rules. Their site began with a “splash page” (a term not known at the time), and the visitor clicked on the door, which opened onto the site’s homepage, something seen rarely, if ever, today.