Levara Health


Background: Opioid addiction is a devastating national emergency. Too often, innocent pain sufferers find themselves hooked on highly addictive opioids with nowhere to turn for effective help. Levara Health is doing something about that. Levara’s vision is a group of  family care clinics that focuses on a clinically proven process called “Medication Assisted Treatment” (MAT). SuperPage built two sites for Levara Health. The first site put forth their vision in its entirety. The second site was adapted by our client, who has been granted access to the WordPress administrative backend. It is modified for a specific audience, but similar to levara.org in many respects. That site was publicly launched under the name alvacare.net.

Approach: Appropriate to the subject, we chose a subdued half-tone look for this project. With the exception of the home page, the logo, and a few images and videos, everything is in black and white. We re-edited much of the content so that each page has a  succinct overview, getting to the point clearly and gently, for individuals seeking a solution for their addiction. We spent considerable time and effort on the FAQs, and pointed to them from the home page. As a non-profit, we set up a donation page with fields for optionally acknowledging donations of behalf of a person or persons who had struggled or died from an addiction to opioids.

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