Marshmallow Fluff


Marshmallow Fluff: Marshmallow Fluff is Americana in a jar! It all started in 1920, in Lynn, Massachusetts, when two young men, H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower, formed a partnership to make Marshmallow Fluff, an exceptionally smooth and delicious marshmallow creme. Since then, Fluff and the Fluffernutter, have become staples of the regional Northeast diet. And when kids go off to college, they order by the case. Fluff is even on the International Space Station! SPI developed the first site for Durkee Mower Company in the early 2000’s, (see the HTML homepage below), and has kept up with this great group of folks ever since, updating and updating. Now, is 100% WordPress, with a complete online Yummy Book (marshmallow fluff recipes), and a Scrapbook, with pics of dozens of kids with marshmallow fluff all over their little faces.

Here’s the homepage template from our original design:

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