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Background. Do the right thing. In a world where selfishness, corruption, scandals, and horrendously violent events happen every minute of every day, one can begin to think that we are at war, and in a way we are. However, there are some people who have formed organizations to fight back, and MD1 is one of them. Founded by visionary, Dr. Mark A. Merlin, MD1 has a simple idea: To send ER Physicians directly to the scene of an accident or emergency, and to perform procedures that paramedics cannot, thereby saving lives on the spot, plus saving critical time prior to transportation to a hospital emergency room that may be miles away. MD1 will fly its physicians in specially equipped jets anywhere in the world where major catastrophes occur. Formed in New Jersey, and funded entirely by donations and subscriptions, MD1 is expanding its services into adjoining States, and eventually, across the Nation.

Our Participation. SuperPage is privileged to be associated with MD1, So far, SuperPage has developed MD1’s web presence, with a bold motion sequence on the home page, an Overview, featuring a video interview between Dr. Merlin and Dr. Oz, descriptions of MD1’s services, and information about key MD1 team members. In addition, donation and subscription pages, payment processing, analytics, technical updates are part of the mix, and importantly, SuperPage provides MD1 with the ability for MD1 doctors to collaborate in real time regarding ongoing issues.

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