OR Dx + Rx


Background. Question: What is the third leading cause of death in America? Answer: preventable medical errors. 1,000 people will die today as a result of preventable medical errors, mostly in surgery. This shocking statistic is something that hospitals in particular don’t want you to know.

OR Dx & Rx: Solutions for Surgical Safety, is a national healthcare consulting firm that offers “perioperative” (i.e., in or around the operating room) safety consulting to hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities and their insurers to reduce medical errors and minimize risk related to patient care errors and institutional functional deficiencies. The OR Dx + Rx team includes a former Surgeon-in-Chief at Children’s Hospital, Boston, a former Chief of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, two former Presidents of the American College of Surgeons, in addition to eminent anesthesiologists, medical professors, nurses and quality experts. To a person, the OR Dx + Rx team consists of the most experienced and highly regarded medical professionals in the field, extremely well-suited for the task of improving surgical safety.

Goals. The OR Dx + Rx management wanted a site with a simple, but compelling message and goal: To improve quality, safety and efficiency in the perioperative process in hospitals through cost-effective, real-world solutions.

We worked closely with them and interfaced with a writer and graphic designer in the development of this site. The result: a hard-hitting and to-the-point site that doesn’t mince words about a shocking problem, for which OR Dx Rx offers a solution.