Strom and Associates


Background and Goals. Los Angeles based Strom and Associates is a pharmacy consulting firm with the mission to provide pharmacies with expert pharmacy consulting on clinical, regulatory, operational, and medication related issues. Founded by Holly Strom, former President of the California State Pharmacy Board, Strom and Associates has put together a team of experienced experts with knowledge of all aspects of pharmacy operations required for statutory and regulatory compliance. Services include: review of opiates and similar substances; long term care; pharmacy operations reviews; expert witness services for both plaintiff and defendant, including review, reporting and testimony; probation monitoring; electronic health records services; pharmacy compliance reviews and audits; and construction monitoring. Particularly informative is the Strom and Associates FAQ page.

Strom and Associates also provides expert witness services, and as a team, offers a sizable resource. Thus, we spent a considerable effort on the Strom and Associates Team page. Each expert has a “head shot,” an extensive bio, and a CV. In addition, SuperPage developed a blog template for Strom and Associates, into which expert commentary is provided by members of the Strom team. Here is an example. Strom and Associates is an impressive organization, and they are working to support and improve a fundamental component of the American health care industry: pharmacies.