Swell Photographs

I have been taking pictures for a very long time, and in my opinion, there are few places on earth as photogenic as the geologist’s paradise, known as Utah. Swell Photographs is a retrospective of my landscape photography since I moved SPI to Utah from Boston, in 2007. Swell Photographs, so named, is largely about a little known region in Utah called the San Rafael Swell. Literally a huge “swell” (anticline) that occurred over 350 million years ago, and after erosion, the “Swell,” as it’s known to locals, now consists of 75 miles of red rock canyons, similar in grandeur to the Grand Canyon, and obelisks, some of them soaring 3,000 feet from the canyon floor. But not unlike many wild areas of Utah, the Swell is under threat from fawning and sycophantic government officials, and the oil and gas and real estate interests who pay them. Thus, these photos are as much protests against those who would destroy Utah’s raw beauty as they are documents for those who believe in preservation on behalf of future generations. And the photos on this site are free! That is, if you see a shot you like, click the donate button, give whatever you like, and every penny goes to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (suwa.org). In return, you are re-directed to a page where you can download a high-res TIFF file, which you can use, rights-free, any way you wish. You also get a grateful acknowledgement from me.