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Timber Lakes

SuperPage developed this site in 2014, and we turned it over to their resident webmaster. On the surface, the site looks similar to the original, e.g., same theme, layouts, general menu structure, but that’s where it ends. We had expected to be hearing from their webmaster vis a vis updates, but no. He took this site and ran with it. In fact, his interest in providing up-to-date information for his community is an exemplar for any individual or group who believes in the power of a 100% online open-source content management platform, which is what WordPress is all about.

A word about Timber Lakes. It’s a community of nature lovers on their own mountain, a few miles east of Heber, Utah, itself a bucolic farming town, undergoing urbanization (unfortunately), owing to its proximity to the hardly recognizable former silver mining town, otherwise known as Park City, now home to some of the wealthiest people in America. However, Timber Lakes stubbornly retains its rural and pine fresh identity, by strict written covenants among the residents. If you are lucky enough to visit Timber Lakes, you’ll never forget it. It’s a treasure, Northern Utah at it’s best. If you can’t visit Timber Lakes, visit their excellent web site. It’s the next best thing.

Timber Lakes
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