Daynes Music


Background. Daynes Music is the most well-known and respected music store in the State of Utah. For 157 years, four generations of the Daynes family have proffered the world’s finest musical instruments. For example, since 1873, Daynes Music has been the exclusive dealer for Steinway Pianos, the first such dealership west of New York. In addition, Daynes Music has a well-deserved reputation of generosity for:

  • providing music education in public schools and serving the underprivileged;
  • developing and promoting regional, national, and international piano competitions, jazz and pops concerts and recitals; and
  • supporting gifted young musicians throughout the State, especially through its All-Steinway-Schools program at Utah Universities and Colleges.

Goal: Daynes Music is inextricably tied to the history and ongoing musical culture in Utah, thus our long term goal in developing a brand for Daynes Music is to further its reputation as an institution, while continuing to appeal to serious retail buyers of the Steinway Family of Pianos (Steinway, Boston, and Essex), piano sheet music and services, and to promote innovative music technologies, including the new Steinway Spirio Player Piano.

Web: At over 100 pages, the Daynes Music web site remains its principal branding vehicle (see also the Daynes Music Archive). The Daynes web presence is elegant and versatile, highlighting all new Steinway, Boston, and Essex pianos. We set up the template for used pianos, which is maintained by store personnel. In addition, the site features new music technologies with innovative demos by a variety of players, all produced by SPI. Sheet music and a variety of piano services are featured on the site, from a teacher finder to recital hall reservations and the services of Steinway-trained piano technicians.

Print: We have created a print campaign that is uncluttered and sophisticated, focussing on publications such as symphony, ballet, and university concert brochures. We also provide email marketing, which is informative and non-aggressive, selectively targeted for existing and potential customers.

Social Media:  The Daynes Facebook page is maintained by store personnel.